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Spider Cash provides emergency solutions to fix your financial problems.

About SpiderCash

Spider Cash is a mobile app created to take advantage of a window of opportunity by introducing a new fintech solution in the market. The company delivers mobile loans to its customers within seconds.


  1. The customer downloads the Spider Cash app from app store unto their phone.
  2. The customer inputs their mobile number to activate account.
  3. The customer is then prompted to enter the ID number, name and location.
  4. After accepting our terms and conditions the customer is on boarded unto our system.
  5. The customer is then prompted to secure the app with a PIN.
  6. The system then determines the customer’s credit limit.
  7. The client then clicks on the “apply for loan” button and indicates the amount he/she would like to borrow which must be within their credit limit.
  8. They also select the payment plan which could be weekly, every two weeks or monthly.
  9. We extend loans of between Kshs 500 to Kshs 50,000 to our clients. The maximum loan repayment period is one month.
  10. Once the client has selected and confirmed the amount required and the repayment plan then the money is then sent to the clients Mpesa account.


These are the key Functionalities which makes our SPIDERCASH app awesome.


We have the most efficient micro-loan app. The process of application,approval and issuance of loan has been synchronized to the speed of system process.

Our customers enjoy our repayment plans since they are flexible and have reminders on the due date.

What our Clients say

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